What Are The Etiquettes For Movers?

January 1, 2023

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Are there any etiquettes for movers? After months of packing, cleaning, sorting and organizing, the day you’ve worked so hard for is now upon us. The movers are pounding on your door, and panic occurs because you’ve completely forgotten to take care of them. 


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Tipping, giving small foods and drinks, and showing respect are some simple etiquette for movers. These are easy to do and won’t require so much effort.

With your upcoming move, be good with and work with your chosen Santa Cruz movers. With that, let’s explain further the proper etiquette for movers.

Etiquettes For Movers: Tipping

Everyone would agree that regardless of the service, especially if it requires a lot of work, proper conduct is essential to boost the workers’ morale. However,  the amounts of tips for movers differ. It depends on the size of the job they’re coordinating for you. 

For example, if you’re moving a small number of possessions and the move only took one-half day, $10 per person is acceptable. If, however, you are planning an extensive move that includes big furniture and a lengthy walking distance from the truck, and it’s a full-day move, then $20 per person is the ideal amount. 

When you tip, make sure to give the tips to every person instead of giving each one to the front-line foreman to divide. It shows respect for each person and their or unique part in the process. The tips are organized in separate envelopes at the start of the day can help you avoid rushing at the last minute.

It’s better to give your moving company a tip in cash.

Another thing to think about when deciding to tip is the quality of the service provided. Did they do a poor job and make a few sloppy mistakes, or did they perform a fantastic job and pay close attention to the minor details? 

It is often the case that this will determine how generous you’d prefer to be. Movers must arrive on time, treat their belongings as their own, and keep it well-organized. Tipping is generally permitted by moving businesses. But, to make specific, check with the moving company in Santa Cruz before time to ensure that you’re following their rules.

Etiquettes For Movers: Some Snacks & Drinks

Regarding beverages and food, it’s entirely at the homeowner’s discretion. However, here are a few simple guidelines to take into consideration:

There is a consensus that, at a minimum, you must offer your movers cold bottles of water or a jug made of paper or plastic cups, should you choose. Along with water bottles, it’s good to have some other cold beverages on hand, such as Gatorade and lemonade.

Some prefer buying the lunch for the crew for their sole “tip,” while others offer a cash tip as well as lunch! It is important to remember that if you provide lunch, ensure they have several different food choices rather than taking one or the other as the only option. Be sure to inquire whether any crew members suffer from any specific allergies.

Avoid giving alcohol or any other type of alcoholic beverage to your crew at the close of the workday. Many companies have strict guidelines regarding drinking at work, and it is best to stay clear of any legal issues.

Etiquettes For Movers: Showing Appreciation & Respect

Giving your movers a big thank you can include more than just the tip line or providing refreshments and food. A simple gesture of kindness can go far. Reminding them of their name to their boss or giving them personal thanks for their efforts goes a long way.

Write a review online via Google or the company’s social media page and include the crew members’ names that did more than they could have. You can also give them some time for a break. Direct them to the restroom when they arrive, and ensure that it’s fully equipped with soap, liquid, and paper towels.

Etiquettes For Movers: Be available

Make yourself available to answer questions, guide them through, and help make your job easier in any way you can!

If you’ve only moved once or ten times, one thing you can be sure of is that you shouldn’t be putting on anxiety on the day of your move! Preparing ahead will take the pressure off you, your movers, and everyone else involved. Utilize this guide and pass it on to your friends and family to ensure a memorable and productive moving day.


There’s no harm in being good, right? Even when you’re hiring them for services, you still need to show respect to your movers. Besides, they’ll work better knowing that you are a good client. If you need help moving, make sure to contact us today. We have experienced and respectful movers to help you.


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